Advantages of AC Motors in Electrical Systems

Advantages of AC Motors in Electrical Systems — In the late 1800s, the actual invention of the AC motor was made by Nikola Tesla. Before Tesla’s time, DC motors had been produced in small quantities, but it was his development of the versatile and rugged AC motor that opened a new age of automation and industrial productivity. AC motors are often used in areas where the speed and operating torque are fixed and are directly powered by mains voltage. They are designed to have a long working life, necessary for many applications. If you want to learn other benefits of AC motors, keep on reading.

Advantages of AC Motors in Electrical Systems

Variety of models

Industry builds ac motors in different sizes, shapes, and ratings for many different types of jobs. These motors are designed for use with either polyphase or single-phase power systems. By matching the type of motor to the appropriate application, increased equipment performance can be obtained. AC motors are the workhorses of industry and are produced in highly standardized frame sizes, making them nearly completely interchangeable between manufacturers.

Simple design

The simple design of the AC motor results in extremely reliable, low-maintenance operation. Unlike the DC motor, there are no brushes to replace. If it works in the appropriate environment for its enclosure, the AC motor can expect to need new bearings after several years of operation. If the application is well designed, an AC motor may not need new bearings for years.

Low cost

In general, ac motors are cheaper than dc motors. Almost 90% of the motors in the industry are AC motors. That’s why their production costs are lower.

Less noise and vibration

Due to the enhancement of quality standards such as places dapurmamake and conditions for motors to use, low noise and low vibration are required. Excessive vibration can shorten bearing life and reduce motor efficiency. Vibration can also be a result of worn bearings. AC motors generate less noise and vibration.

High durability and long lifespan

AC electric motors have high durability because they do not have brushes. Brushes can wear down easily and may need more regular maintenance. As AC motors do not have this problem, this means they have a long lifespan. It also eliminates the problem of dangerous sparking. For this reason, AC motors are preferred for fixed-speed applications in industrial applications and for commercial and domestic applications where AC line power can be easily attached.

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